Chinese Conversation for Beginners- learn basic Chinese conversation

How should a beginner approach a Chinese conversation? Here are something you need to keep in mind. As a beginner, you won't know too much Chinese vocabulary. This will limit the range of topics you can talk about. Well, don’t worry, you can start with something topics which are simple and practical, such as schedules,... Continue Reading →


Chinese Vocabulary about Interior Decoration

Has your house in China already been decorated? Is it well-content for you? Or do you plan to do some decorations? If you do so, it's a goood choice to know some Chinese expressions about interior decoration because good communications are really necessary when dealing with the interior decoration. If you couldn’t communicate well with... Continue Reading →

Mandarin Listening Practice- Learn Chinese

Do you have trouble understanding your Chinese friends' speech? Does your Chinese reading ability outpace your ability to understand spoken Chinese? Improve Chinese listening seems like really urgent. Don't worry! Here are some effective methods to improve your Mandarin listening. 1. Expand your Chinese Vocabulary The lack of vocabulary will directly affect your listening, and... Continue Reading →

2017 Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

“十五的月亮圆又圆<shí wǔ de yuè liɑnɡ yuán yòu yuán>”, as a Chinese traditional festival spreading for thousands of year, Chinese Mid-autumn Festival is usually celebrating at 15th August in Chinese lunar year, and it comes here on 4th October this year. The Mid-Autumn Festival is addressed as “中秋节” because of the mid-date of August and autumn... Continue Reading →

Learn Chinese Online via Skype

Language learners, without doubt, always wish to make conversations with and receive advice from native speakers of the target language. This is the same for learners who chose online learning. Those who searches "learn Chinese via Skype" are more willing to find a native teacher to spot every problem in the learner's language production, and... Continue Reading →

Learn Chinese through Songs

Listening to Chinese songs can be a valuable and entertaining way to learn the Chinese language. Today we’d like to recommend a very famous female singer, Dèng Lì Jūn to you, she was one of the most popular and influential Chinese pop singer. It is often said, "Wherever there are Chinese people, the songs of... Continue Reading →

Learn Chinese through Movies

Here are some reasons why watching movies in Chinese can help you learn the language. 1. You always get to pick the movie that interests you most. 2. Lively daily conversation instead of rigid textbook dialogue. 3. Fully immersed with cultural background and slang. 4. Watching a movie is quite fun itself, but it is... Continue Reading →

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